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Leeds & Catlin cylinders 1 - 1999

This data comes from a catalog dating from late 1902 or early 1903. The catalog refers to a "New Process" which I postulate would indicate the moulded, black wax cylinders. However, considering the rarity of these records, it seems unlikely that Leeds & Catlin made all of these titles available in black wax.
Label: Artist: Tune: MX: Date: Comp:
22 parlor orchestra The Battle of Flowers     Petrae
220 parlor orchestra Happy Days in Dixie     Mills
224 parlor orchestra Beggar Student Waltz     Millocker
229 parlor orchestra Selection Serenade      
232 parlor orchestra Blue Danube     Strauss
237 parlor orchestra Light Cavalry Overture     Suppe
243 parlor orchestra Prancing Pickaninies (Cake Walk)     Dreyfus
256 parlor orchestra Jolly Roberts Overture     Suppe
301 parlor orchestra Bride Elect Waltz     Sousa
312 parlor orchestra La Paloma     Missnes
316 parlor orchestra My Estelle Waltz      
320 parlor orchestra Rose from the South Waltz      
330 parlor orchestra Darkie's Dream     Lansing
338 parlor orchestra Dance of the Brownies      
351 parlor orchestra Koonville Koonlets     Weisht
353 parlor orchestra Ma Mobile Babe     Klobe
355 parlor orchestra Topsey Turvey      
365 parlor orchestra Sweet Sunshine     Hood
366 parlor orchestra My Charming Francis     Mackie
375 parlor orchestra Calanthe Waltz     Holzmann
376 parlor orchestra My Lady Love     Rosey
378 parlor orchestra The Singing Girl Waltz     Herbert
379 parlor orchestra The Viceroy Waltz     Herbert
381 parlor orchestra Consolation Waltz      
384 parlor orchestra Love Thoughts     Pryor
418 parlor orchestra Sweetheart Waltz      
419 parlor orchestra Great Ruby Waltz      
420 parlor orchestra Proposal     Dreyfus
421 parlor orchestra Pleasant Memories      
424 parlor orchestra Unlucky Coon     Corey
425 parlor orchestra Pinafore     Sullivan
426 parlor orchestra Mikado     Sullivan
427 parlor orchestra with cornet solo Love Letters (From "In Gay Paree")     Englander
428 parlor orchestra Serenade     Titt
429 parlor orchestra Rose of Castile     Balfe
430 parlor orchestra Drinking Song and Intro. To Intermezzo (Cavalleria Rusticana)      
431 parlor orchestra Norma     Bellini
432 parlor orchestra Romeo and Juliette     Bellini
433 parlor orchestra with trombone solo Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep      
434 parlor orchestra Forge in the Forest      
435 parlor orchestra Heart of My Heart      
437 parlor orchestra Wedding March      
441 parlor orchestra Our Congressmen      
470 parlor orchestra Under the Polar Star      
503 Edward M. Favor (with piano) You Mustn't Try to Fool Your Little Augy      
512 Edward M. Favor (with piano) All I Want Is My Black Baby Back      
515 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Can't Give Up My Rough and Rowdyish Ways      
516 Edward M. Favor (with piano) All Coons Look Alike to Me      
517 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Keep Away from Emmeline      
528 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Trumpet in the Cornfield      
529 Edward M. Favor (with piano) No Cake Comes Too High for Me      
531 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Why Don't You Get a Lady of Your Own?      
601 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Deacon Went Away      
604 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Louisiana Lou      
610 Edward M. Favor (with piano) My Honey Lou      
611 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Honey, You're My Lady Love      
612 Edward M. Favor (with piano) The Iceman      
613 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Warmest Baby in the Bunch      
622 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Honey Dat I Love So Well      
629 Edward M. Favor (with piano) How Was I to Know      
630 Edward M. Favor (with piano) How Adam Fell      
634 Edward M. Favor (with piano) I'll Make Dat Black Girl Mine      
654 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Why Don't You Write and Let Me Know?      
662 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Gabie      
663 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Doing His Duty-ooty-ooty      
664 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Alagazam      
666 Edward M. Favor (with piano) I Live Underneath      
667 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Uncle Harry, What Is Love?      
668 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Holding Hands      
669 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Tommy Was a Bad, Bad Boy      
671 Edward M. Favor (with piano) I've Lost My Baby      
672 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Just a Little Bit Off the Top      
674 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Just Because She Made Dem Too Goo Eyes      
683 Edward M. Favor (with piano) How About You, Mr. Iceman      
684 Edward M. Favor (with piano) I'd Like to, but I'm 'Fraid      
685 Edward M. Favor (with piano) I Want to Go To-morrow      
688 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Sally      
696 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Girl Wanted      
700 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Baby's Kiss      
701 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Nothing Too Good for the Irish      
703 Edward M. Favor (with piano) I Want Dem Presents Back      
704 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Enjoy Yourselves      
706 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Hoolahan      
707 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Suwanee River      
709 Edward M. Favor (with piano) My Girl Is a High Born Lady      
710 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill      
711 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Telegraph My Baby      
712 Edward M. Favor (with piano) I'd Leave My Happy Home for You      
714 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Hot Time      
715 Edward M. Favor (with piano) A Little Bit Off the Top      
716 Edward M. Favor (with piano) It's Up to Me      
717 Edward M. Favor (with piano) I'm a Philosopher      
718 Edward M. Favor (with piano) It Suddenly Dawned upon Me      
719 Edward M. Favor (with piano) And She Lisped as She Said, Yes      
720 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Down by the River Side      
721 Edward M. Favor (with piano) If You Loves Your Baby, Make Goo Goo Eyes      
722 Edward M. Favor (with piano) He's Going There Every Night      
723 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Grace Darling      
724 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Coon, Coon, Coon      
724 Arthur Collins (with piano) Coon, Coon, Coon      
725 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Welcome To-night at the Ball      
726 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Mamie, Come Kiss Your Honey      
727 Arthur Collins (with piano) You Needn't Come Home      
728 Arthur Collins (with piano) I Never Trouble Trouble Till Trouble Troubles Me      
729 Arthur Collins (with piano) Everybody Has a Whistle Like Me      
730 Arthur Collins (with piano) I've Got a White Man Working for Me      
731 Arthur Collins (with piano) I Ain't Gwine to Work No More      
732 Arthur Collins (with piano) Toby, I Kind o' Likes You      
733 Arthur Collins (with piano) Oh, Miss Phoebe      
734 Arthur Collins (with piano) Since Malinda Hinda's Joined the Syndicate      
735 Arthur Collins (with piano) I'm Looking for an Angel      
736 Arthur Collins (with piano) Run, Brudder 'Possum      
737 Arthur Collins (with piano) Lam, Lam, Lam      
738 Arthur Collins (with piano) Balmoral      
739 Arthur Collins (with piano) Linda, Ma Honey      
740 Arthur Collins (with piano) When the Blue Sky Turns to Gold      
741 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Coalville Cadets, The      
742 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) If Dat's Society, Excuse Me      
743 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Go 'Way Back and Sit Down      
744 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) The Honeysuckle and the Bee      
745 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Ain't Dat a Shame      
746 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Good Morning, Carrie      
747 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) The Wedding of the Ruben and the Maid      
748 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) When Mr. Shakespeare Comes to Town      
749 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Tobie, I Kind o' Likes You      
750 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Annie Moore      
751 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Every Lassie Had a Raglan On      
752 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Balmoral      
753 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) I Ain't Agoin' to Weep No More      
754 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) The Kissing Trust      
755 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) My Moonbeam Babe      
756 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Bessie, My Right Hand Bower      
757 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Just Because She Made Them Too Goo Eyes      
758 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Come Back, Babe, I Won't Be Mean No More      
759 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) I Must a Been a Dreamin'      
760 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Every Race Has a Flag but the Coon      
761 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Love Me, Lize      
762 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Oh, Miss Phoebe      
763 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) I Got Mine      
764 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Ain't Dat Lovin'?      
765 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Since Malinda Hinda's Joined the Syndicate      
766 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) My Castle on the Nile      
767 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Son of Ham      
768 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) My Lady Hottentot      
769 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Creole Belles      
770 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Violets      
771 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Come Out, Dinah      
772 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Moon, Moon (from "Toreador")      
773 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) My Zulu Babe      
774 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) The Man Who Plays the Tambourine      
775 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) My Dusky Loo      
776 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Josephine, My Jo      
777 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) If Time Was Money, I'd Be a Milloinaire      
778 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) My Carolina Caroline      
779 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Liza      
780 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Early in the Morn      
781 Arthur Collins (with orchestra) Rip Van Winkle      
806 Francisco (baritone) La Paloma      
810 Francisco (baritone) Toreador Song, "Carmen"     Bizet
813 Francisco (baritone) Dormi Pure     S. Scudesi
814 Francisco (baritone) Palms     Faure
815 Francisco (baritone) Christmas Song      
815 Francisco (baritone) Holy Night, "Noel"     A. Adams
816 Francisco (baritone) Evening Star, "Tannhauser"     Wagner
823 Francisco (baritone) Holy City     S. Adams
824 Francisco (baritone) Good Bye     Tosti
825 Francisco (baritone) Queen of My Heart     Cellier
826 Francisco (baritone) Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes      
827 Francisco (baritone) The Lost Chord     Sullivan
828 Francisco (baritone) O Promise Me     R. De Koven
829 Francisco (baritone) At Parting     J. H. Rogers
830 Francisco (baritone) Winter Lullaby     R. De Koven
834 Francisco (baritone) A Dream     J. C. Bartlett
835 Francisco (baritone) Love's Old Sweet Song     J. H. Molloy
836 Francisco (baritone) Ave Maria (Cavalleria Rusitcana)     Mascagni
837 Francisco (baritone) La Vie     E. Nevin
839 Francisco (baritone) The Rosary     Ethelbert Nevin
840 Francisco (baritone) Past and Future     R. De Koven
841 Francisco (baritone) Love's Sorrow     H. R. Shelley
842 Francisco (baritone) Crucifixus     Faure
843 Francisco (baritone) Dear Heart     F. Mattei
844 Francisco (baritone) Santa Lucia, "Neopolitan Song"      
845 Francisco (baritone) Brown October Ale     R. De Koven
846 Francisco (baritone) Stars of the Summer Night - Serenade     C. H. H. Booth
847 Francisco (baritone) Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep      
848 Francisco (baritone) Largo Factotum, "Barber of Seville"     Rossini
849 Francisco (baritone) Believe     G. Rosed
850 Francisco (baritone) If     Tosti
851 Francisco (baritone) All Through the Night      
852 Francisco (baritone) Spring     Tosti
853 Francisco (baritone) Ninon     Tosti
854 Francisco (baritone) Marching Along     A. V. White
855 Francisco (baritone) Arrow and the Song     Balfe
858 Francisco (baritone) Open Thy Window     L. Grigh
859 Francisco (baritone) Hushien     A. A. Needham
860 Francisco (baritone) Armorer's Song     R. De Koven
861 Francisco (baritone) Hola Matelots, "L'Africaine"     Meyerbeer
862 Francisco (baritone) Marishka     F. Korborg
863 Francisco (baritone) Here's to the Rose     S. Krouse
864 Francisco (baritone) Jesus of Nazareth     C. Gounod
865 Francisco (baritone) Thine Eyes So Blue and Tender     E. Lassen
867 Francisco (baritone) Home, Sweet Home     Bishop
868 Francisco (baritone) Danny Deever     W. Damrosch - Kipling
869 Francisco (baritone) Adieu, Marie     S. Adams
870 Francisco (baritone) Madrigal     V. Harris
871 Francisco (baritone) Song of the Turnkey     R. De Koven
872 Francisco (baritone) Hosianna     J. Granier
874 Francisco (baritone) Pro Peccatis, "Stabat Mater"     Rossini
875 Francisco (baritone) Here's a Health to King Charles     F. Booth
876 Francisco (baritone) Calvary     Paul Rodney
877 Francisco (baritone) Calm as the Night     C. Bohm
878 Francisco (baritone) Marsellaise     Rouget de L'Isle
879 Francisco (baritone) Mignon     G. D. Hardilot
880 Francisco (baritone) Always     Bowers
881 Francisco (baritone) Answer     A. G. Robyn
882 Francisco (baritone) I'll Sing Thee Songs of Araby     F. Clay
883 Francisco (baritone) Beauty's Eyes     Tosti
884 Francisco (baritone) Asthore     H. Frotire
885 Francisco (baritone) Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms     Stevenson
886 Francisco (baritone) Bedouin Love Song     Pinsuti
887 Francisco (baritone) Because     Bowers
888 Francisco (baritone) Berceuse      
889 Francisco (baritone) Clang of the Forge     R. De Koven
890 Francisco (baritone) For All Eternity     Mascheroni
891 Francisco (baritone) Good Bye, Sweetheart     J. L. Hatton
892 Francisco (baritone) Heart Bowed Down     Balfe
893 Francisco (baritone) If I but Knew     W. G. Smith
894 Francisco (baritone) Mary of Argyle      
895 Francisco (baritone) Rigoletto      
896 Francisco (baritone) Some Day the Truth You'll Know     F. Berliner
897 Francisco (baritone) To Fair Sevilla     Joseph Dessauer
898 Francisco (baritone) Thy Beaming Eyes     E. McDowell
899 Francisco (baritone) Thy Sentinel     M. Walton
900 Francisco (baritone) The Violet     A. Mildenberg
901 Francisco (baritone) Wait     F. V. Bowers
902 Francisco (baritone) With You     A. Graham
903 Francisco (baritone) When I Think of You      
903 Natus When I Think of You     F. V. Bowers
904 Francisco (baritone) Why Does Azure     C.H.H. Booth
905 Natus My Old New Hampshire Home     Von Tilzer
908 Natus Break the News to Mother     Harris
909 Natus Banks of the Wabash      
910 Natus Mid the Green Fields of Virginia      
911 Natus Bred in Old Kentucky      
950 Natus Mandy Lee     Chattaway
967 Natus I Can't Tell Why I Love You, But I Do      
968 Natus The Only Way      
969 Natus When You Were Sweet Sixteen      
970 Natus Blue and the Gray      
971 Natus She Rests by the Suwanee River      
972 Natus The Fatal Rose of Red      
974 Natus Georgia Rose      
975 Natus Where the Sweet Magnolia Blooms      
978 Natus Story of the Rose      
979 Natus Words Cannot Tell My Love for Thee      
988 Natus I'd Still Believe You True      
989 Natus Face Behind the Mask      
990 Natus Ruth      
991 Natus You're the Only One      
992 Natus Just Sing a Song of Ireland      
996 Natus As the Summer Days Go By      
997 Natus Calling to Her Boy Just Once Again     Dresser
999 Natus My Jersey Lily      
1000 Natus The Green Above the Red      
1001 Natus Nazareth      
1002 Natus They're Proud of the Irish Now      
1003 Natus When Mother Was a Girl      
1010 Natus She's An All Right Girl      
1011 Natus A Flower from the Garden of Life      
1012 Francisco (baritone) Ecstasy     Mrs. H. Beach
1013 Francisco (baritone) On a Dead Violet     C. H. H. Booth
1024 Natus Dear Old Bess and I      
1025 Natus Her Name is Rosa      
1028 Natus Sunny Tennessee      
1029 Natus Little Black Me      
1030 Natus Picture No Artist Can Paint      
1031 Natus Lady Lou      
1032 Natus Just As the Sun Went Down      
1034 Natus Give Us Just Another Lincoln      
1035 Natus I Wonder Why I Want No Other Girl      
1036 Natus You Must Learn to Forget Her      
1037 Natus The After While      
1038 Natus Just One Girl      
1041 Francisco (baritone) Heavenly Dream     Berliner
1042 Francisco (baritone) The Old Turnkey      
1043 Natus A Bird in a gilded Cage      
1045 Francisco (baritone) Aria from Dinorah      
1046 Francisco (baritone) Flee as a Bird     Dana
1047 Natus Soldiers of the Queen      
1048 Natus Why Did They Sell Killarney?      
1052 Natus I Love You in the Same Old Way     Bratton
1053 Natus All Things Are Not What They Seem      
1055 Francisco (baritone) Priceless Love     Jordan
1056 Francisco (baritone) We'll Meet Again     Francis
1057 Francisco (baritone) On the Road to Mandalay     Rudyard Kipling
1058 Francisco (baritone) When Thy Sweet Eyes I Gaze Upon     Schumann
1059 Francisco (baritone) Tempest of the Heart     Verdi
1060 Francisco (baritone) When Thou Art Near Me     Löhr
1061 Francisco (baritone) Does She Ever Think of Me?     Thomas
1062 Francisco (baritone) The Old Sexton     Russell
1063 Francisco (baritone) My Own Cecile     Stanislas
1064 Francisco (baritone) The New Born King     L'E. Ppoir
1065 Francisco (baritone) Trilby     Leslie Stewart
1066 Francisco (baritone) Charity     Faure
1068 Francisco (baritone) Di Possente     C. Gounod
1069 Francisco (baritone) Just as the Sun Went Down      
1070 Francisco (baritone) Le Soir     Gounod
1071 Francisco (baritone) Linda Mia      
1072 Francisco (baritone) Pagliacci Prologue     Leon Coneavallo
1073 Francisco (baritone) Sicilana, from Cavalleria Rusticana     Mascagni
1075 Francisco (baritone) Benedictus - from 4th Mass (Latin)     C.H.H. Booth
1076 Francisco (baritone) Benedictus - from 4th Mass (English)     C.H.H. Booth
1077 Natus When the Harvest Days Are Over      
1078 Francisco (baritone) On the Road      
1079 Francisco (baritone) Adore and Be Still     Gounod
1080 Francisco (baritone) Because I Love You Dear      
1080 Natus The Spider and the Fly      
1081 Francisco (baritone) A Madrigal     Chaminade
1081 Natus The Village Belle      
1082 Natus No North or South      
1082 Francisco (baritone) Under the Shade of the Palms, "Florodora"      
1083 Francisco (baritone) If You Were Only Mine      
1084 Francisco (baritone) For This     De Koven
1085 Natus Where the Mississippi Flows      
1085 Francisco (baritone) The Midnight Wind      
1086 Natus Sweet Annie Moore      
1086 Francisco (baritone) Remember Yet      
1087 Natus All for a Man Whose God was Gold      
1087 Francisco (baritone) Resurrection      
1088 Francisco (baritone) Heart of My Heart     C. H. H. Booth
1089 Francisco (baritone) Beyond the Gates of Paradise      
1090 Francisco (baritone) Love's Rosary      
1091 Francisco (baritone) Nearer, My God, to Thee      
1092 Francisco (baritone) Santa Maria      
1420 Wilder (cornet) Commodore Polka      
1421 Wilder (cornet) Down on the Suwanee River      
1422 Wilder (cornet) Emmet's Lullaby      
1423 Wilder (cornet) Because      
1424 Wilder (cornet) Mammy's Little Pumpkin Colored Coons      
1425 Wilder (cornet) I Love You in the Same Old Way      
1426 Wilder (cornet) Carnival of Venice with Variations      
1427 Wilder (cornet) Serenade     Gounod
1428 Wilder (cornet) Prismatic Polka      
1429 Wilder (cornet) My Lady Lou      
1430 Wilder (cornet) Killarney      
1431 Wilder (cornet) Love's Sorrows      
1432 Wilder (cornet) My Old Kentucky Home      
1433 Wilder (cornet) Sleep Well, Sweet Angel      
1434 Wilder (cornet) Swiss Boy with Variations      
1435 Wilder (cornet) I Live for Thee      
1436 Wilder (cornet) Love's Old Sweet Song      
1438 Wilder (cornet) Last Rose of Summer      
1439 Wilder (cornet) Massa's in de Cold, Cold Ground      
1440 Wilder (cornet) When the Swallos Homeward Fly      
1442 Wilder (cornet) Father of Mercies      
1443 Wilder (cornet) Robin Adair      
1444 Wilder (cornet) Coming Through the Rye      
1445 Wilder (cornet) Old Black Joe      
1446 Wilder (cornet) Benedictus      
1447 Wilder (cornet) Holy City      
1448 Wilder (cornet) Dear Heart      
1449 Wilder (cornet) Old Folks at Home      
1450 Wilder (cornet) Stars of the Summer Night      
1451 Wilder (cornet) Under the Shade of the Palms      
1452 Wilder (cornet) Hello, Central, Give Me Heaven      
1453 Wilder (cornet) Yankee Doodle with Variations      
1454 Wilder (cornet) Robert the Devil      
1455 Wilder (cornet) Avis Polka      
1456 Wilder (cornet) Lost Chord      
1457 Wilder (cornet) Only to See Her Face Again      
1458 Wilder (cornet) Shepherds Morning Song      
1459 Wilder (cornet) Past and Future Polka      
1460 Wilder (cornet) Romance, from Puritani      
1461 Wilder (cornet) Sweet Sixteen Waltz      
1500 Meader (clarionet) Caprice      
1501 Meader (clarionet) Carnival of Venice      
1502 Meader (clarionet) Cadenza and Air      
1503 Meader (clarionet) Derniere Pensee      
1504 Meader (clarionet) Force of Destiny      
1505 Meader (clarionet) Luxemberg Serenade      
1506 Meader (clarionet) Mignon Polonaise      
1507 Meader (clarionet) Norma Selection      
1508 Meader (clarionet) Polanaise      
1509 Meader (clarionet) Rigoletto      
1510 Meader (clarionet) Spring Song      
1511 Meader (clarionet) Somnambula      
1512 Meader (clarionet) Traviata      
1513 Meader (clarionet) D Flat Waltz     Chopin
1514 Meader (clarionet) William Tell     Rossini
1515 Meader (clarionet) Keel Row      
1516 Meader (clarionet) Weber's Last Thoughts      
1517 Meader (clarionet) Old Folks at Home      
1518 Meader (clarionet) California Dance      
1519 Meader (clarionet) Auld Lang Syne      
1520 Meader (clarionet) Long, Long Ago      
1521 Meader (clarionet) Home, Sweet Home      
1522 Meader (clarionet) Ben Bolt      
1523 Meader (clarionet) Cavalleria Rusticana      
1525 Meader (clarionet) Loin Du Bal      
1526 Meader (clarionet) Cocoanut Dance      
1527 Meader (clarionet) British Dances      
1528 Meader (clarionet) Irish Fantasie      
1529 Meader (clarionet) Luxemberg Air      
1530 Meader (clarionet) Tyroliene Air      
1531 Meader (clarionet) Concert Polka      
1532 Meader (clarionet) Kinloch of Kinloch      
1533 Meader (clarionet) Heart Bowed Down      
1535 Meader (clarionet) Serenade     Schubert
1536 Meader (clarionet) Tyroliene Serenade      
1537 Meader (clarionet) Syriean      
1600 Lowe (xylophone) Kiss Me, Honey, Do      
1601 Lowe (xylophone) My Old Kentucky Home      
1602 Lowe (xylophone) Down on the Suwanee River      
1603 Lowe (xylophone) Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms      
1604 Lowe (xylophone) Fire Fly Galop      
1605 Lowe (xylophone) Leonora Waltz      
1606 Lowe (xylophone) Massa's in de Cold, Cold Ground      
1607 Lowe (xylophone) Gretchen Polka      
1608 Lowe (xylophone) Mocking Bird      
1609 Lowe (xylophone) Robin Adair      
1610 Lowe (xylophone) Pickaninnie Polka      
1611 Lowe (xylophone) Dancing in the Sunlight      
1612 Lowe (xylophone) Then You'll Remember Me      
1613 Lowe (xylophone) Annie Laurie      
1614 Lowe (xylophone) Pretty Little Dark Blue Eyes      
1615 Lowe (xylophone) Medley of Popular Airs      
1616 Lowe (xylophone) Carnival of Venice      
1617 Lowe (xylophone) Tuxedo Polka      
1618 Lowe (xylophone) Happy Days in Dixie      
1619 Lowe (xylophone) Brilliant Galop      
1700 Kennedy Shultz on Teddy Roosevelt      
1701 Kennedy Shultz on Fire Proof Safe      
1702 Kennedy Shultz on Paris Exposition      
1703 Kennedy Shultz on a Farm      
1704 Kennedy Shultz on Life Insurance      
1705 Kennedy Shultz on Malaria      
1706 Kennedy Shultz Dines at Delmonico's      
1707 Kennedy Shultz on Kissing      
1708 Kennedy Shultz on Advice to Men      
1709 Kennedy Shultz Gets a Letter from Klondike      
1710 Kennedy Shultz on Advice to Women      
1711 Kennedy Shultz on How to Bring Up Children      
1712 Kennedy Shultz Takes a Turkish Bath -    
1713 Kennedy Shultz on Man Behind the Gun      
1714 Kennedy Shultz on Out West      
1715 Kennedy Shultz on Colored Camp Meeting      
1716 Kennedy Shultz Goes Hunting With Grover Cleveland      
1717 Kennedy Shultz on War Views      
1718 Kennedy Shultz on Hypnotism      
1719 Kennedy Shultz on Trusts      
1720 Kennedy Shultz on Dogs      
1721 Kennedy Shultz on Army Beef      
1722 Kennedy Shultz on the Irish      
1723 Kennedy Shultz on Gambling      
1724 Kennedy Shultz on Honesty      
1725 Kennedy Shultz on Astronomy      
1726 Kennedy Shultz on Fishing      
1727 Kennedy Shultz on the Wedding Trip      
1728 Kennedy Shultz in Chicago      
1729 Kennedy Shultz in Trouble      
1730 Kennedy Shultz on Twins      
1731 Kennedy Shultz on Temperance      
1732 Kennedy Shultz on Mosquitoes      
1733 Kennedy Shultz on the Automobile      
1734 Kennedy Shultz on Christian Science      
1801 Zimmerman (trombone) Down Deep in the Cellar     Fisher
1802 Zimmerman (trombone) Killarney     Balfe
1811 Zimmerman (trombone) Palms     Faure
1812 Zimmerman (trombone) Romanza     Bencen
1813 Zimmerman (trombone) Love's Sorrow     Shelly
1817 Zimmerman (trombone) Let All Obey     Leach
1818 Zimmerman (trombone) Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep     Rollinson
1820 Zimmerman (trombone) Answer     Robyn
1824 Zimmerman (trombone) Let Me Like a Soldier Fall     Wallace
1825 Zimmerman (trombone) On a Dead Violet     Booth
1826 Zimmerman (trombone) My Lady Lou     Brill
1827 Zimmerman (trombone) For All Eternity     Moscherini
1828 Zimmerman (trombone) The New Born King     L. Espoir
1829 Zimmerman (trombone) My Old Kentucky Home, with Variations     arr. Zimmerman
1830 Zimmerman (trombone) At Last I Know     Folter
1831 Zimmerman (trombone) Asleep in the Deep     Lamb
1832 Zimmerman (trombone) Three Star Polka     Bagley
1833 Zimmerman (trombone) A Bunch of Roses     Chambers
1834 Zimmerman (trombone) Holy City     Adams
1836 Zimmerman (trombone) Monarch Polka     Lax
1837 Zimmerman (trombone) Evening Star, "Tannhauser"     Wagner
1838 Zimmerman (trombone) Sleep Well, Thou Sweet Angel     Abt
1839 Zimmerman (trombone) Promise of Life      

NOTE: This listing is created for research and educational purposes only. I only own a small proportion of the phonograph records listed, and those I own are NOT FOR SALE. I also have no particular insight as to how to acquire them. With the information you have found here, search eBay, gemm.com, or post a question to 78-C. Otherwise, you'll need to spend hours over a period of time searching junk stores, garage sales, record auctions (both mail and internet), and anyplace else that may have 78rpm discs for sale.

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