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Sabre Records, a numerical listing

August 1953~August 1954, Chicago

Sabre was launched in August of 1953, by Art Sherian the owner of Chance Records. The Sabre 100 series issued blues, jazz instruments, doowop groups, and solo R'n'B artists. The label lasted just one year until August 1954.

Cat# Artist: Title: MX Xref: Loc: Date: Comp:
100 Jimmy Eager {Tampa Red} Please Mr. Doctor U-2352 - Chi 1/29/53 Hudson Whittaker
100 Jimmy Eager {Tampa Red} I Should Have Loved Her More U-2353 - Chi 1/29/53 Hudson Whittaker
101 Ben Bryant Catís Delight U-2383 - Chi 2/5/53 -
101 Ben Bryant Blue Midnight U-2385 - Chi 2/5/53 -
102 The Five Echoes (Fats Coleís Band) Baby, Come Back To Me S-5048 - Chi Aug-53 W. Spreegs
102 The Five Echoes (Fats Coleís Band) Lonely Mood S-5049 - Chi Aug-53 W. Spreegs
103 The Five Blue Notes Ooh Baby C-5070 - Chi 10/21/53 F. Briscoe
103 The Five Blue Notes My Gal Is Gone C-5071 - Chi 10/21/53 F. Briscoe
104 Willie Nix and His Combo Just Canít Stay C-5064 - Chi 10/14/53 W. Nix
104 Willie Nix and His Combo All By Yourself C-5065 - Chi 10/14/53 W. Nix
105 The Five Echoes So Lonesome C-5102 - Chi 1/14/54 -
105 The Five Echoes Broke C-5103 - Chi 1/14/54 W. Spreegs
106 Wally Wilson If You Donít Love Me C-5104 - Chi 1-17-54 -
106 Wally Wilson The Hunt C-5105 - Chi 1-17-54 -
107 unissued? - - - Chi - -
107 unissued? - - - Chi - -
108 The Five Blue Notes You Gotta Go Baby S-5072 - Chi 10/21/53 F. Briscoe
108 The Five Blue Notes The Beat of Our Hearts S-5073 - Chi 10/21/53 F. Briscoe
109 Johnny Miller and His Quintet I Cover The Waterfront S-5100 - Chi Jan-54 -
109 Johnny Miller and His Quintet Always S-5101 - Chi Jan-54 I. Berlin

NOTE: This listing is created for research and educational purposes only. I only own a small proportion of the phonograph records listed, and those I own are NOT FOR SALE. I also have no particular insight as to how to acquire them. With the information you have found here, search eBay, gemm.com, or post a question to 78-C. Otherwise, you'll need to spend hours over a period of time searching junk stores, garage sales, record auctions (both mail and internet), and anyplace else that may have 78rpm discs for sale.

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