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Cobra Records

Chicago: 1956-1959

Cat# Artist: Title: Matrix: Xref: Location: Date: Composer:
5000 Otis Rush I Can't Quit You Baby U-3236 - Chi Jul-56 Dixon
5000 Otis Rush Sit Down Baby U-3237 - Chi Jul-56 Dixon
5001 The Clouds Rock and Roll Boogie U-3240 - Chi Jul-56 -
5001 The Clouds I Do U-3241 - Chi Jul-56 -
5002 Big Walter {Horton} Have A Good Time U-3238 - Chi Jul-56 -
5002 Big Walter {Horton} Need My Baby U-3239-2 - Chi Jul-56 -
5003 Calvaes Mambo Fiesta U3242 - Chi Aug-56 Brown
5003 Calvaes Fine Girl U3243 - Chi Aug-56 Bedno
5004 Harold Burrage and his Combo One More Dance U3333 - Chi Aug-56 Dixon
5004 Harold Burrage and his Combo You Eat Too Much U3334 - Chi Aug-56 Burrage
5005 Otis Rush and his Band Violent Love U3331 13064 Chi Aug-56 Dixon
5005 Otis Rush and his Band My Love Will Never Die U3332 13066 Chi Aug-56 Dixon
5006 Sunnyland Slim Highway 61 C-1001 - Chi Sep-56 -
5006 Sunnyland Slim It's You Baby C-1000 - Chi Sep-56 -
5007 Lee Jackson I'll Just Keep Walkin' C-1003 - Chi Sep-56 Lee Jackson
5007 Lee Jackson Fishin' In My Pond C-1002 - Chi Sep-56 Willie Dixon
5008 Gloria Irving I Need a Man C1004 - Chi Dec-56 -
5008 Gloria Irving For You and Only You C1005 - Chi Dec-56 -
5009 Duke Jenkins Something Else C1006 - Chi Dec-56 -
5009 Duke Jenkins The Duke Walks C1007 - Chi Dec-56 -
5010 Otis Rush If You Were Mine C1009 - Chi Feb-57 Willie Dixon
5010 Otis Rush Groaning the Blues C1008 - Chi Feb-57 Willie Dixon
5011 Little Willie Foster Crying The Blues C1010 - Chi Mar-57 W. Foster
5011 Little Willie Foster Little Girl C1011 - Chi Mar-57 -
5012 Harold Burrage Messed Up C1012 - Chi Mar-57 -
5012 Harold Burrage I Don't Care Who Knows C1013 - Chi Mar-57 -
5013 Magic Sam All Your Love C1014 - Chi Apr-57 T. Maghett
5013 Magic Sam Love Me With a Feeling C1015 - Chi Apr-57 -
5014 The Calvaes Born With Rhythm C1016 - Chi May-57 -
5014 The Calvaes Lonely Lonely Village C1017 - Chi May-57 -
5015 Otis Rush Jump Sister Bessie C1019 - Chi Jun-57 Dixon
5015 Otis Rush Love That Woman C1018 - Chi Jun-57 -
5016 Clarence Jolly Changing Love C1020 - Chi Jul-57 -
5016 Clarence Jolly Don't Leave Me C1021 - Chi Jul-57 -
5017 Guitar Shorty You Don't Treat Me Right C1022 - Chi Jul-57 -
5017 Guitar Shorty Irma Lee C1023 - Chi Jul-57 -
5018 Harold Burrage Stop for the Red Light C1024 - Chi Sep-57 -
5018 Harold Burrage Satisfied C1025 - Chi Sep-57 -
5019 Betty Everett My Life Depends on You C1026 - Chi Oct-57 -
5019 Betty Everett My Love C1027 - Chi Oct-57 -
5020 Duke Jenkins Where Can My Love One Be C1028 - Chi Oct-57 -
5020 Duke Jenkins Shake It C1029 - Chi Oct-57 -
5021 Magic Sam Look Watcha Done C1031 - Chi Nov-57 Magett
5021 Magic Sam Everything Gonna Be Alright C1030 - Chi Nov-57 Dixon
5022 Harold Burrage and Willie Dixon Band She Knocks Me Out C1032 - Chi Nov-57 Archie - Burrage
5022 Harold Burrage and Willie Dixon Band A Heart Filled with Pain C1033 - Chi Nov-57 -
5023 Otis Rush and Willie Dixon Band Three Times A Fool C1034 - Chi Dec-57 Rush
5023 Otis Rush and Willie Dixon Band She's a Good 'Un C1035 - Chi Dec-57 -
5024 Betty Everett Killer Diller C1037 - Chi Dec-57 Dixon
5024 Betty Everett Ain't Gonna Cry C1036 - Chi Dec-57 -
5025 Magic Sam All Night Long C1038 - Chi Dec-57 Dixon
5025 Magic Sam All My Whole Life C1039 - Chi Dec-57 -
5026 Harold Burrage I Cry for You C1044 - Chi Mar-58 -
5026 Harold Burrage Betty Jean C1045 - Chi Mar-58 -
5027 Otis Rush It Takes Time C1046 - Chi Mar-58 -
5027 Otis Rush Checking on My Baby C1047 - Chi Mar-58 -
5028 Jimmy Kelly Little Chickie C1050 - Chi Jun-58 -
5028 Jimmy Kelly Bonnie C1051 - Chi Jun-58 -
5029 Magic Sam Easy Baby C1054 - Chi Sep-58 -
5029 Magic Sam Twenty-One Days in Jail C1055 - Chi Sep-58 -
5030 Otis Rush and his Band Keep On Loving Me, Baby C1057 - Chi Sep-58 Rush
5030 Otis Rush and his Band Double Trouble C1056 - Chi Sep-58 -
5031 Betty Everett Tell Me, Darling C1058 - Chi Oct-58 -
5031 Betty Everett I'll Weep No More C1059 - Chi Oct-58 -
5032 Otis Rush All Your Love (I Miss Loving) C1064 - Chi Apr-59 -
5032 Otis Rush My Baby's a Good 'Un C1065 - Chi Apr-59 -
5033 Ike Turner Walking Down the Aisle C1066 - Chi May-59 -
5033 Ike Turner Box Top C1067 - Chi May-59 -

NOTE: This listing is created for research and educational purposes only. I only own a small proportion of the phonograph records listed, and those I own are NOT FOR SALE. I also have no particular insight as to how to acquire them. With the information you have found here, search eBay, gemm.com, or post a question to 78-C. Otherwise, you'll need to spend hours over a period of time searching junk stores, garage sales, record auctions (both mail and internet), and anyplace else that may have 78rpm discs for sale.

Special thanks to J. Junior Black and WKRN radio

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